Rescuing America

The Destruction of America and How to Stop It Constitutionally

We are living in the most perilous time in the history of the United States, as warring worldviews divide and tear the heart out of America. America has one chance to stop this insidious destruction. That chance is you, right now, this year!

       America is deeply divided and getting worse. The division has become bitter since the 2000 election and is manifesting itself in 2010 as an all-out war in Congress. It has precipitated the highly motivated Tea Party movement that is attempting to return America back to the Constitution. Yet, few people understand why. Most, even in the Tea Party movement, believe it is just partisan politics. The reason, however, is far deeper than that, and far more dangerous to the future of America.

      Two fundamentally opposing ways of looking at reality are literally at war with each other in America. These two worldviews are best exemplified by the model of government laid out by the English philosopher John Locke, who is often called the father of the Declaration of Independence, and French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, whose foundational writings led to the bloody French Revolution, Fascism, Marxism and Communism.

      Although there are many similarities between Locke and Rousseau, the applications of their respective ideologies are diametrically opposed. The Locke model centers on the individual being sovereign over the government, while the Rousseau model centers on the government being sovereign over the individual. Locke allows each person equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Conversely, Rousseau requires “equal results” for each person to provide for social, economic, and environmental justice, regardless of ability or motivation. Locke’s model forms the basis of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights resulting in limited government. Rousseau’s model forms the basis for the welfare state, big government, and unending social programs.

      The progressive movement has embodied the Rousseau model since the early twentieth century and controls most institutions in America today. Rousseau progressivism is found in both political parties, but dominates the Democrat Party. While progressives have the best intentions in the world, their Rousseau ideology is systematically destroying the Constitutional foundation that has made America the greatest nation in the world.

      Tragically, a small group of international financiers and globalists has deliberately guided the insidious attack by the progressive movement on the Constitution since the early twentieth century. There ultimate goal is global governance. For decades, progressives have labeled anyone who tried to expose their agenda as a conspiracy crackpot without credibility. Yet, highly credible historians have detailed the effort, exposing the conspiracy lie to the light of truth. The damning tactics and goals of progressivism are now in full bloom for all to see, and it is shaking even partially indoctrinated Americans to their roots. This book provides an overview how and why.

      As Rousseau ideology dominated higher education, progressive indoctrination spread like cancer to public school education, journalism schools, law schools; and environmentalism – every segment of our society until it now permeates everything. The vicious attack on property rights; social programs to fix all perceived problems; class, racial and economic warfare; health care; enormous government spending programs; the entire global warming agenda and much more are all products of Rousseau ideology gone amok. It is destroying America. The United States is technically bankrupt. America is at risk!

      There is hope. Great hope. The American people have always risen to the occasion, once they understood the danger. There are ways to reclaim our Locke roots and protect our lives and communities. Ironically, we can do it using the very instrument progressives have tried to destroy – the Constitution. For this to happen, however, millions of dedicated Americans will have to join the battle by supporting candidates who affirm Constitutional principles, and getting involved in their local communities to take action using a time-tested legal procedure that stops government intrusion. This is by far the most important war America has ever fought.


Take Back America


      If you are concerned about the attack on the Constitution of the United States and want to stop it, there are several things you must do.


·        Read this book. It provides an overview of the “what and how” this attack has been orchestrated. 

·        Understand that most progressives want to do the right thing. Their indoctrination merely leads them to make wrong decisions. Get this book into their hands. Party affiliation is irrelevant.

·        Only a small minority of progressives is so indoctrinated they are totally blind to reality and will do all they can to force their ideas onto society, believing their previous failures are merely a consequence of not trying hard enough. Unfortunately, these people are in power and need to be voted out of office or removed from their positions of power.

·       Challenge political candidates on their core beliefs about Constitutional limitations on government. Do not support any candidate, regardless of political affiliation, who does not pledge to uphold Constitutional principles. There can be no such thing as politics as usual. If the Republican Party is smart, it will realize this and field this slate of Constitutional candidates. However, Republicans seem to be so fixated on politics and seniority they cannot see out of the box. This will leave room for repentant Democrats to take the Constitutional lead.

·        Don’t dismiss the idea of running for office yourself.

·        States are beginning to stand up for states rights embodied in the Tenth Amendment. Support that effort.

·        Because of the Tenth Amendment, federal laws that impact state and local governments must have embedded in them language that allows the state and elected local governments (of any type) the right to coordinate and cooperate in deciding how federal laws are implemented within their jurisdictions. Many state laws have the same provision or are under the same rules because of federal grants. These Constitutional provisions offer incredible power to stop federal (even state) intrusion into local affairs.

·        These methods are time tested and have actually been used to stop multibillion dollar plans forced on communities that do not want them.


      We are in a battle for the very survival of the freedoms, liberties and wealth creation given to us by our Founding Fathers. We either start taking our nation back from those who want to control it this year or we will lose our nation to a stagnant, all-controlling government. The choice is ours to make.

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Rescuing America

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