Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is." Mark 13:33



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Dr. James Dobson on Global Warming
Global Warming A Fraud--Sen. James Inhofe
Scientists Disclaim Role of CO2 in Global Warming
Unstoppable Global Warming
Media Spin on Global Warming--Sen. James Inhofe
Time magazine - 1974 The Coming Ice Age The same rhetoric now used for global warming, except then it was for global cooling
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Islam and Christianity

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Most Americans no longer understand that property rights are the foundation to individual liberty, prosperity and environmental protection. As we attack property rights the very foundation to American success is being undermined. Three levels of papers have been prepared by Dr. Coffman and the American Land Foundation that define why and how property rights are being attacked in America and what we can do about it.
Why Property Rights Matters--short Analysis -- For those that just want a quick summary of why property rights matter. About two pages.
Why Property Rights Matters--analysis -- A six page analysis that is fully referenced. (In Adobe Acrobat)
Why Property Rights Matters--long analysis--A twenty-five page analysis that is fully referenced. (In Adobe Acrobat)
International domination of U.S. environmental law and private property -- How US environmental law and property rights are increasing under the control of an international agenda.
The Fraud of Smart Growth -- A short analysis on why the entire concept of Smart Growth to control urban sprawl destroys property rights and is a fraud that creates far more problems than it solves.