Why is Israel such a flashpoint in the world? Are the prophecies of the prophets accurate? What have the prophets said in the past that came true long after they died? What prophecies are likely to happen in our future? Are the prophecies concerning the return of Christ happening right now?

These are just some of the questions that were addressed in an eleven-week study,  The study was first written and used by Dr. Michael Coffman in 1992 and was revised in 1995 and 1998. It underwent revision again in 2006 to include geopolitical events that have occurred since 1998. 

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Dr. Coffman has intensively studied the new age movement, environmentalism and the geopolitics of the current efforts which are striving to create a world government and religion. Based on his studies, God has used him to stop a major, but deadly United Nations Treaty from being ratified by the U.S. Senate. He was with the group in South Africa that stopped the effort to make the Earth Charter the global ethic/religion of the United Nations at the 2002 at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development. He also correctly predicted in 1999 that a major terrorist attack would occur in the United States led by Osama bin Laden and that bin Laden would not be caught or killed. He is one of a very few people in the United States who have an in-depth knowledge of current events that relate to Biblical prophecy.

These lessons were written by Dr. Michael Coffman over a 15 year period. Interpretation of prophecy is very personal and is highly controversial, even within the group of scholars who love the Lord and truly seek God's ways in their lives and understanding. Therefore, we ask that every reader of these lessons read the Introduction to the lessons before reading any lesson or subject within a lesson for proper understanding of its content and interpretation! 


Each lesson is in Adobe Acrobat format. Some lessons will take a long time to open with a dial-up connection. After opening a lesson, it is best if you save it to your hard drive so you do not have to wait again.

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Characteristics of the Antichrist
This list refers to a partial list of Biblical prophecies that provide a description of the Antichrist's characteristics.

Table of Contents1

Introduction Why Study Prophecy? How the Study Is Constructed. The Hidden Dangers of Misinterpreting Prophecy. The Centrality of Jesus Christ 305 kb  
Lesson One Daniel's Seventy Weeks of Years 449 kb
Lesson Two The Dispersal and Return of the Jews (Ezekiel 4, 36-37) 360 kb
Lesson Three Daniel, The Large Statue and the Four Beasts
(Daniel 2 and 7) 1123 kb (allow extra time to open for dialup) 
Lesson Four Daniel, Kings of the North and South; The Great Tribulation (Daniel 11 and 12) 635 kb  
Lesson Five New Testament Understanding (Matthew 24-25, Mark 13, 1    Thessalonians 5, 2 Thessalonians 2, 2 Timothy 3,4) 568 kb  
Lesson Six The First Three and a half Years (Revelation 6 - 9, Ezekiel 38-39) 145 kb
Lesson Seven The Middle of the Tribulation (Revelation 11 and 12) 107 kb
Lesson Eight The Last Half of the Tribulation (Revelation 13-17) 140 kb
Lesson Nine The Destruction of Babylon (Revelation 17 and 18) 154 kb
Lesson Ten Armageddon and the Reign of Christ (Revelation 18-22, Joel 2-3, Zachariah 14, Daniel 7, 9 and 12, and 2 Corinthians 5)  Not yet completed  
1Lessons will be added as revisions are completed.